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The History of Yahtzee

"The Yacht Game" was invented by a wealthy Canadian couple in the 1954. It became popular amongst their friends when they started playing aboard their yacht.

Their friends enjoyed the game so much that two years later, the couple approached Edwin S. Lowe to see if he could produce sets that they could give to their friends. Lowe had previously made his fortune by selling Bingo sets in the 1920's and he immediately saw the potential of the game. Lowe acquired the rights to the game and renamed it 'Yahtzee' in exchange for the price of the first 1,000 games sold.

Given the complicated nature of Yahtzee, it didn't immediately sell well. However, this began to change when Yahtzee parties were invented and the popularity of the game increased due to word of mouth.

The E. S Lowe company and the rights to Yahtzee were eventually sold to The Milton Bradley Company (MB Games) in 1973. Subsequently, Hasbro Inc acquired MB in September 1984. They retain the rights to the game today and are one of the biggest toy makers in the world.

Today, 50 million Yahtzee games are sold annually and Hasbro estimates 100 million people play the game on a regular basis.

Yahtzee is a registered trademark of Hasbro Inc.
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